Friday, April 6, 2012

Ditch Lilies!!

Ditch lilies!  They are often called a weed and do spread. Well I for one love them. I love the deep orange color. They are edible, I found a wonderful recipe that calls to stuff it with cheese yummy.  My back yard is barren and weedy.I hope they push out the crappy bamboo some genius planted and I have been pulling up and fighting all spring. I can really use some hardy and fast blooming plants. I plan to surround my raised bed with them adding color when in bloom and foliage when not. I have about 20 right now. These flowers are resistant to everything. They grow in all conditions seriously anything above zone 4 and your golden. Since our back yard is only weeds and debris you can see the value of planting them and why I am putting them near the raised bed but not in it. They will quickly overpower any nearby weeds and leave a pretty yard instead of crap dirty weed yard. They are spread with underground runners. I plan to dig down and protect the raised bed from being over run but know that I may lose that battle but not before I move. I want them to take over. This place needs some beauty. One can often find them planted along old buildings and vacant lot's where homes once stood. They are a good plant to give as gifts in large pots as they are plentiful and impossible to kill, giving even the blackest thumb some joy. So plant snobs I have come out of the closet. While not the most distinguished of flowers it will be finding a place in my garden. I am hoping the butterfly's and my neighbors agree.

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