Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What to put here?

The front by the steps. It has a few tulips. when they are done I'm debating what next.

CameraZOOM-20120417135916802I was thinking of Lord Baltimore hibiscus?

My reasons are....
* Large, tropical flowers
* Virtually maintenance free
* Highly adaptable to various soils
* Showy for up front
This hardy hibiscus looks like it came from the tropics, but is cold hardy. Produces deep red blooms. They are huge and reach sizes up to 10 inches across.  It will add a tropical feel to the front landscape, without having to replant every year. Lord Baltimore hibiscus is low maintenance requiring almost no care. Drought and frost are no match for this hardy shrub. It produces a spectacular show year after year.
Demonstrates extreme tolerance to almost any soil condition.

Will not crowd out or kill the already established plants. 
       Perhaps some rock roses?

 The Rock Rose grows in full sun. As you can see from the previous photo the spot get's sun most of the day but not full sun. The reason I think rock roses may be a better choice it that it is tolerant of dry, stony soils that lack organic matter. This spot is neglected and hard for me to get to on the third floor. Rock Roses look good and showy even in hot dry areas.That will help when I can't get down to water it often in august. The Cistus aka rock rose  is one of those plants you can use in a drought tolerant garden that can make a landscape look lush and colorful. Rock Roses need excellent drainage and are tough enough to withstand desert sun and hot temperatures.They can also withstand salt. This is important for a plant next to the driveway. The hot asphalt won't kill it. I can group them in a hedge. A little more carefree than my already carefree lord Baltimore. The problems I have with this plant is that it isn't very cold hardy. I will have to plant again next year. With apartment living it doesn't much matter though as I may not even be here next year.
What are your garden plans?

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