Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bulb Wreath

I'm in wreath making mode! Today I made a bulb wreath. It's my first attempt and was not as easy as it looked. Here is my step by step.  I took a coat hanger.

Then I unscrewed the top half.

 Then I glued the tops on! Don't forget this part or the bulbs will all fall off.
I also did a large dot of glue and glued the first one on at the top where it curves.

 20 Minutes and about 70 bulbs later there you have it! Try thrift stores and the dollar store for cheap ornaments!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4 Dollar Christmast Wreath

I went to the family dollar on Sunday and came up with this idea for a wreath.
 The whole thing cost me 4 dollars! I got the ornaments and swag for 2 dollars and the twine wreath form was a dollar.
 I went to joannes and looked at the foam wreaths and they were 5 bucks each for a much smaller form. I just got up and added another ornament to the left side were it looks a little bare. I got out the glue gun and glued the swag to the form waited about 2 minutes for it to dry and then added the ornaments and accessory's. That's it! I have some left over ribbon from the mini mouse ornaments. So I may use that to hang it up!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ah Pinterest

So I have decided to actually do a ton of things I have had pinned. What's pintrest for if not random holiday crafts?
I decided to try this one. My grand-niece loves mini mouse and these are adorable. The link didn't give a tutorial so I got creative.

I have never seen black ornaments? So I picked up some red ones at the dollar store. They were actually left over from my 4 dollar wreath project I will post tomorrow! I also didn't add the dots but may later. Here is how I did it:

Dollar store red ornaments
Black Glitter
school glue
black poms
polka dot ribbon

  I put the black glitter in a disposable white bowl.
Then I poured craft glue into another bowl. I dipped the top of the ornament into the bowl of glue and then into the black glitter and smoothed out the excess and made a defined line. Next time I may tape off the bottom part to prevent drips and make a more defined line.

I sat on the bowl with the glue so it's a little smushed whoops!
I waited about an hour for the glue to dry a little and then it's time for the ears. I put the top back onto the ornaments and broke out my trusty glue gun.

                 See glue gun and poof! I added the ears and then made a little bow with the ribbon and attached that to the front and viola! My version of the mini mouse ornament. I may add some white dots on the red part as the rhinestones were like 5 bucks a box and I wasn't that committed to spending cash. The whole project was less than the rhinestones alone.

jojoba oil for your hair!

Now my hair is super blonde it is also super dry. I you remember a few months ago I played around with Listerine for hair growth with meh results. While it felt good and tingly it dried my hair out more and I found no real growth from it. So doing a bit more research I got some rosemary oil  and jojoba and mixed the two together. I got some trader joes jojoba and some Rosemary Oil.

About once a week I comb it through damp unwashed hair and go to bed. The result? Soft shiny no longer brittle and dry hair. The growth has also been kicked up a notch. My hair went from just above my shoulders to just past the shoulder blades. All in two months and that is fast growth for me and my hair had stalled growing before that. The science behind it is that the oil cleans your scalp and moisturizes hair and the rosemary oil stimulates the scalp with a wonderful sent and tingle. Added bonus of the smell of rosemary oil
it increases concentration it stimulates mental activity and is a good remedy for depression, mental fatigue and forgetfulness. So go out and get some oils ladies. Let me know how it works!