Monday, November 26, 2012

Ah Pinterest

So I have decided to actually do a ton of things I have had pinned. What's pintrest for if not random holiday crafts?
I decided to try this one. My grand-niece loves mini mouse and these are adorable. The link didn't give a tutorial so I got creative.

I have never seen black ornaments? So I picked up some red ones at the dollar store. They were actually left over from my 4 dollar wreath project I will post tomorrow! I also didn't add the dots but may later. Here is how I did it:

Dollar store red ornaments
Black Glitter
school glue
black poms
polka dot ribbon

  I put the black glitter in a disposable white bowl.
Then I poured craft glue into another bowl. I dipped the top of the ornament into the bowl of glue and then into the black glitter and smoothed out the excess and made a defined line. Next time I may tape off the bottom part to prevent drips and make a more defined line.

I sat on the bowl with the glue so it's a little smushed whoops!
I waited about an hour for the glue to dry a little and then it's time for the ears. I put the top back onto the ornaments and broke out my trusty glue gun.

                 See glue gun and poof! I added the ears and then made a little bow with the ribbon and attached that to the front and viola! My version of the mini mouse ornament. I may add some white dots on the red part as the rhinestones were like 5 bucks a box and I wasn't that committed to spending cash. The whole project was less than the rhinestones alone.

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