Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bulb Wreath

I'm in wreath making mode! Today I made a bulb wreath. It's my first attempt and was not as easy as it looked. Here is my step by step.  I took a coat hanger.

Then I unscrewed the top half.

 Then I glued the tops on! Don't forget this part or the bulbs will all fall off.
I also did a large dot of glue and glued the first one on at the top where it curves.

 20 Minutes and about 70 bulbs later there you have it! Try thrift stores and the dollar store for cheap ornaments!

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  1. Hi Lissa,

    Back in February I posted about a Pay It Forward. You had left a comment and wanted to participate as well. Well, I have procrastinated until now, and would like to send you my DIY item. Can you email me your address? Here is the original post on my blog.

    And you can email me at meemsnyc at