Sunday, March 18, 2012


CameraZOOM-20120318153527845 by lissa2343
I went a little crazy with the bulbs this year! I do feel like it will be very pretty when they bloom. I hope they are not to crowded. I may inter-plant them with some annuals. I kept picking them up all over. Plant swap groups, building 19 and the Christmas tree shops. I  must stay away from the christmas tree shops when they have the garden supplies. I forgot what soil that is and I wish I knew so I can buy it again. It is rich and fluffy and the plants seem to love it. I have severely neglected this planter as it is on the first floor and I live on the fourth. Whatever I toss in there seems happy no matter my neglect.

I am thinking the angel roses from renne's garden may be just the thing

What bulbs did you plant?


  1. You can't beat a nice bulb planter, I have daffodil, tulips and crocus, it just brightens up my day.

  2. I can't wait until it blooms! Yours sounds lovley