Saturday, March 3, 2012

     Take a look at my pretty four o'clocks from last year. They held out well past the first few frosts much to my surprise. I collected quite a few seeds and traded for some other colors as well so I'm excited to try those out as well. I was very excited to finally get some snow but now I'm ready for the warmth and growth to return. 
 I got Cody 19 years ago. I was 12 years old and home from school with scarlet fever. My mom was just supposed to have him for the week. He came up to my room crawled into bed and didn't leave my side ever again. He chose me and we often joked he was my shadow. Once when I was dying my hair he ended up looking like a dalmatian. He was standing so close I dripped on him. I lived right near a pond and after a few failed attempts learned to leave him home during trips to the pond. He also hated the groomer with a passion. We went through several who all labeled him a bad dog. Every bath and every haircut was a screaming match. I used to have to warn the neighbors when bath time was coming up you have never met a dog who hated water more.We spent time watching movies going for walks and sharing our lives together. I miss my little fluff. I don't know if I will ever get another dog but I do know for 19 years I had the most loving sweet little dog anyone could ask for. I had to put my dear dog to sleep a few weeks ago and it's taking some time to adjust. My bed feels lonely. When I drop food on the floor I have to remember to pick it up as the cats are not vacuums quite like the dog was lol. I received his ashes and am planning a memorial spot in my tiny garden. Does anyone have any ideas of what would be good to plant? I have bought several rather deep baskets and a large urn for the porch.


  1. Beautiful four o'clocks! I collect seeds from mine and grow them every year too. Love them! Sorry to hear about your dog. I know what you mean about adjustment, after my cat died a few years ago, I cried the first time I had to kill a fly that got into the house. Diego always used to love to hunt, catch and eat the flies! It's always hard to lose them, they are our babies. I think you should plant your favorite flowers, since you love your dog so much.


    1. Thanks Amy! I know they grow so fast and are so pretty a bunch of the neighbors were asking what they were. I was wondering about the ashes though. I know some plants like ash and some don't. I'll have to look into it. Also I have such little space.