Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring in the city of boston

C360_2012-01-24 11-27-42 by lissa2343
C360_2012-01-24 11-27-42, a photo by lissa2343 on Flickr.
It was a wonderful 70 degree's today in the city. The city was so pretty and it was so warm today! There was a fire tonight in the city it was hell getting home and a few places were ruined. Thankfully other than smoke and a few places having to be closed no one was hurt. I wonder how long the power will be out. Thankfully it's warm tonight. I'm glad I drove to work and was able to get out. Driving through was bad enough I can't imagine if I had taken the t. Sprouting today: tulips are sending up stems, candy tuft, laverta silver cup, poppies. That is what I remember. I will look again tomorrow. Reading list The queens lady by shannon drake.

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