Thursday, March 22, 2012

How my Winter sown seedlings are growing in my apartment garden

CameraZOOM-20120318150656528 by lissa2343
Winter sown seedlings!I am having about 70% success and even more at the program. I'm guessing the program ones are doing better due to the bottom watering. It is always so exciting to see the little sprouts pushing through the earth. How is your winter-sowing doing? I must admit I'm a believer after a few years of doing it and relived to avoid a costly clumsy light set up. If you have ever seen winter-sown roots you would see how great and strong they are. Keeping that in mind I'm going to take a chance and plant a few things out this weekend. I saw a great idea of using cloches in this post Seed Starting Tips for Beginner Gardeners. While I am not a beginner gardener I am always scouring blogs for tips and tricks. I have only gardened once in a real yard. Living in my apartment doesn't allow for much in the way of ground. All of my garden is done in containers and hanging baskets.I found some wonderful metal tins at Target in the $1 isle using my trusty drill I have a few more make shift containers. When I have some more time I shall post pictures of those as well.  My boss asked if we could plant out the seedlings at the program since it has been so warm. He was worse than the kids when I said no it isn't quite over yet. In fact next week we are expecting snow!

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